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A relatively better Sunday =)

Yesterday was a pretty good day…

Finally, my digestive system is not misbehaving, and I hope it stays this way =) We often take for granted the fact that we have normal bowel movements and digestive functions until it starts malfunctioning. I should never take it for granted ever…and of good health in general.

Anyway, I went out to Matteo yesterday. It’s a cafe in Brigade Road which is quite a nice place. The coffee there is alright, and the atmosphere makes me feel like I’m back in Singapore/ Malaysia. It’s a nice place to chill and to read a book, or to meet up with friends and chat over a cup of coffee. I went there on my own, and met up with my housemates and my landlord-turned-friend. He’s a pretty nice guy, and it was nice to be able to chat with him.

After that, we walked to Garuda Mall. It is like an average small-sized mall in Malaysia, with a cinema and a pub in it. I bought an adaptor suitable for India. I wanted to buy one which is universal, BUT I couldn’t have afforded to spend 3000 Rs on anything right now. I only have that much to survive on for the next half a month, so frugality is key at the moment.

After that, my friends wanted to go someplace else for shisha and shakes (which is apparently quite expensive) so I decided to head home by myself. The auto driver turned out to be a really nice guy. He kept asking me stuff about Malaysia (after asking me where I am from), and he didn’t even try to cheat me by going the longer way. In fact, he showed me the shortest way back home. I was so glad that I gave him an extra 5 Rs (which I normally wouldn’t) in addition to my customary ‘thank you’. =)

I’ve spent quite a bit during the weekends and so now it is back to being thrifty.

I hope fatty isn’t having a real bad day now…he’s so busy nowadays that he doesn’t even have the time (or energy) to talk to me. I miss him…as always…

And I wonder if my bestie is better now…but I think she had a swell time being in PD with her friends. Gosh, I wish I could have such fun too, but somehow, I get bored very easily being with my housemates. I suppose that means we don’t click? Oh whatever, I just hope to get on PEACEFULLY with them (they are radically different people, with different wants, habits, needs – basically a different whole package)…and if by the end of all these, we are still friends, then I’ll be content.

Walk with me…


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Finally, I went to the doc…

I haven’t posted for a while…but this time it’s because I haven’t been feeling well.

Since last Friday, I’ve had abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, maybe constipation, a bout of mild fever, headaches, weakness in the limbs…all going and coming in turn.

I didn’t have to set my alarm clock actually. Lately, I’ve been awakened by abdominal pains. Today, the pains just got worse…and I finally went to see a doctor.

I went to a clinic in the place where I worked…so you could say that he is a village doctor.  It seems, he lives next to the clinic. Anyway, I wasn’t sure if he understood everything I said, but all he said was that it is a normal infection (I hope so!). He wrote the prescription on a paper, and I’ve gotta get it filled at the pharmacy next door. Guess how much the consultation fee + medicines cost me?

….all together, I paid 130 Rupees, equivalent to about SGD4. His fees was only 30Rs (a dollar).

When I took the medicines back, I did some research on what those medicines are, how it works, and about side effects and stuff. Out of the 3 medicines prescribed (an antibiotic, a proton pump inhibitor to prevent gastritis, and a painkiller), 2 seems to be fine. But the other one (the painkiller) contains Nimesulide, which is currenly under suspension in many countries because of high risk of hepatotoxicity! I’ll not take it anymore unless I cant bear the pain.

But now I wonder…when I mentioned that I took activated charcoal (charcoal pills), he doesn’t seem to know what it is! Hmm….

And my colleagues insisted that I ate plain white rice with buttermilk, so I did. It tastes alright…almost like watery porridge.

But I really hope I’ll get better soon…right now, I feel really tired, weak and sick. Another hour, and I’ll be on the way home…I think i’ll sleep after this…


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A day of holiday, and now back to work…

Now that the internet here has just gotten disconnected (due to power outage), I’ll write something to pass the time…

Good news: I got my appetite back. =)

Bad news: I now have a headache, so I think I wont be eating very much at dinner tonight =/ I wonder if my own body is playing tricks on me…

Well…anyway, yesterday was Ambedhkar Jayanthi…a holiday to commemorate the chief architect of the Indian constitution, Dr. Ambedhkar. I was home the entire day yesterday because I didn’t feel like going out and because I’ve got chicken and stuff in the fridge. I should have cooked them last week, and so I was worried they will go bad.

The thing is, there was no electricity…which means no cooking the modern way (microwave)…but when I started washing the chicken to prepare it for cooking, there was no water! Luckily though, there was water (trickling) from the faucet in the bathroom. So I had to use the tiny container and go back and forth with water. Truly, in India, we learn to improvise…and I tried using as little water as possible to prepare the vegetables and chicken, cook, and wash everything up after.

And…that will be enough for 4 meals =)

All these for less than 4 SGD.

Money-saving huh? =P

I miss my family, fatty, and all my friends back home…sigh…

And today is my brother’s birthday…I wonder what he’ll do to celebrate…=) Hope he’ll have fun! I can’t remember the last time I celebrated his birthday with him…which is kinda sad. Hopefully, one day, I’ll be able to do so once again…

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I haven’t blogged for a long time now…

That’s mainly because I haven’t been feeling very well…

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the stress..or maybe it is the combination of many many things, but i’m glad to say that I’m getting better…thanks to my friends and family =)

Tomorrow is  a holiday for CLT (where I work)…although I have no idea why the 1st of May is not a holiday =/ I wonder what I should be doing tomorrow?

My colleague gave me a piano keyboard today…well, it isn’t the expensive type, and you probably can get it for 30 dollars or sth…but I wonder where she got the money from (it is a lot of money here). I feel bad that she keeps giving me things. Hmm…

Maybe if the keyboard works, I’ll spend some time playing it tomorrow =) Hopefully that’ll cheer me up a little…

I love listening to Enya now…it’s soothing….=)

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The gift of friendship and forgiveness.

I didn’t write anything for quite some time because there was really nothing nice to write about. I did try to write about my miserable trip to Madikeri…but I didn’t cause I guess, I just didn’t wanna write about my misery in addition to experiencing it.

But today, I found something new that I think I need to write about.

When I went to work today, my colleagues realised that I was not myself…I didn’t smile or laugh as much as I used to. I was pale and gaunt. I guess the past week had really been hard for me in a way. They didn’t just leave me in a corner, but they kept asking me what is wrong. They knew about the snatch theft incident of course, but I never really expected them to do anything beyond throwing some kind words my way…but they did more, and beyond.

When they knew that I was mulling over whether or not it will be safe to stay home alone for a few days, my supervisor immediately offered to have me stay at her place. They assured me that it is perfectly fine to be by myself…and they probably never knew it, but they helped me make up my mind. I know that if I ever need any help, at any time…I could tell them. A girl even said she’s gonna give me a multi-purpose knife (even though I’m probably richer than she is) as a gift when I said I wanted to go buy one. No hesitation whatsoever..and to think that I never did anything for them in return makes me feel that this is a bunch of friends who simply wants to make sure I’m happy.

At the same time, my friends in Singapore were there for me…talking to me whenever I needed to talk. A guy was even sending me funny youtube videos and stuff, and another was sending me animals for my zoo. Again, they’ll probably never know it, but they helped me go through my day with much greater ease.

My friends in Malaysia too…my best friend is always there, eventhough I know she’s busy…and I know I’ll be able to talk to her every night.

My boyfriend (ok, he’s not really a friend) has always been there too…every step of the way…and I’m so grateful.

And I feel stronger just having these friends by my side (from all over the world)…like I can do anything and come out unscathed.

Although I didn’t do any work at CLT today, I talked and talked to my friends…and in one of my conversations, I found forgiveness. It was unintentional. I was simply telling her that I don’t hate those guys who stole my wallet…that I should pity them. They probably took my wallet, but God gave me so much more in return. Those things I lost are replaceable, and I know that I would have a much brighter future than those thugs would. I found true friends…but I guess, they never would…and they’d never find true happiness because happiness only comes with a clear conscience.

And just like that…when I said those words, I truly felt lighter in my heart. I guess part of my fear came from anger.

I still need some time to be my true self again…but truly, deep inside, I feel this isn’t gonna be hard…and like Ajahn Brahm once said, “…this too shall pass”.

Yes, it will! And I’ll be all the better because it did…=)

Walk with me…I’ll walk with you too…and this crazy world would be a much saner place to be in.

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