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Revival of my blog!

I haven’t had the time (when i have the mood) or the mood (when I have the time) to post anything up these past weeks. But since I’m ahead of schedule now…and it seems that typing burns about 67 calories per hour, I see no harm in posting. =)

Gosh…so much have happened lately. Where do I even begin?

Lets start with ┬ámy newest fascination with calorie-counting. A friend of mine in Singapore is putting in lots of effort in losing weight, so some of his enthusiasm rubbed off on me. He introduced me a website. It is good. It allows the user to use it as sort of a food diary, and it automatically calculates the calories and breakdown of nutrients in that particular food. Also, the food database is extensive! I could even find Indian food in it (which is a great thing because now that I’m in India, I’m eating Indian food on a daily basis…the food r delicious by the way =D ). Besides that, it allows you to input the type of fitness activity you did for the day. It will then take away the calories you burned! This website is =) Maybe you can use it too!

Shopping! I shopped the other day at Commercial Street. Due to the fact that I’ll need an Indian Costume for the NOC India appreciation dinner, Swetha’s wedding, and being the last to even think of getting one among the seven girls made me just go and get one. And I did! I shopped at this place called ‘Soch’. It is a very nice place…and the salespeople are extremely helpful. That is probably why in the end, I left the shop with a feeling of guilt – I spent $150 on a harem pants (which I plan to get more) and a punjabi suit. I think they call it Salwar Kameez. Regardless…I do feel satisfied with the shopping trip! It is something I haven’t done in a long time…haha.. =) I can’t wait to put it on for Swetha’s wedding which will be held in June!

Fatty sent me this necklace from Henan. I loved it! =)

You probably cant see it, but it’s got a rice grain inside. There are words written on it. One side is my name…and the other is 3 very sweet words =)

Now I’m sipping my first cup of Milo in three months. is delicious! It’s true they say…When things are rare, they taste nicer! I can’t even remember all the times in the past when I used to take Milo for granted. Speaking of rare things, the other day, I actually saw durians at the fruit stall at Brigade Road. We were so excited about it, and really wanted to buy it. So we asked about the price. The shopkeeper pretty much ‘whispered’ to us, as if he’s trying not to startle the other customers at his stall., and no wonder! One durian costs 2000 rupees! That is equivalent to about SGD60! So we laughed and moved on…another story to tell…

I shall leave out all the crisis stories and all the unpleasant stuff to another day…for today, I think it’s best to just dwell on the good things in my life. My friend told me today that I’m so positive in my thoughts that I’m like a light bulb…haha…=) That’s a pretty huge compliment considering the fact that some pretty stressful and unhappy stuff has happened.

Well…it’s all in the mind isn’t it? =)


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