Once upon a time, we aspired to be…

There was a time, not to long ago, when we dreamed of becoming princesses…all day long. We talked about prince charming, we dreamed of great things we could and would do for the people, and we did not feel ashamed of painting our nails bright pink or wearing a crown in our hair, imagining how princess-sy we were being.

But now, most of us aspire to become high powered executives, content with having a job with a good pay package, a home, perhaps, and a car.

Is reality so harsh that the once glamorous princess-sy dreams were turned into something so mundane and bland? I wonder…for I am slowly being reduced to just another cube. Every child is unique but adults are simply clones of one another. Same ambition, same routine, even the same dreams and aspirations.

Are we still living our own life. I doubt it. In the university, we conform to the culture…we mug when the rest mug (or we will be outdone), we wear the same kinds of clothes (or we will look ‘wierd’, under-dressed, or over-dressed), and we adhere to the rules (no smoking, no copying, no loud music or basketball games after 11pm, and the list goes on).

When working, we most probably conform to the culture too. We have lunch where ‘the rest’ have lunch (cause we’ve gotta network), we follow the procedures and paperwork (cause we don’t wanna get sacked) and we try to achieve as much as the rest have (so that we aren’t the worst-performing employee).

Now then, when do we actually live our own life? During our own private time? Hmm..lets see…I highly doubt that, cause if you were to really think about it, you and I probably do the same stuff our peers do every weekend.

Then again, since every girl probably aspired to be a princess (thanks to the influence of Disney) ever since she can remember, aren’t we all already clones from the very beginning?

Hmm..I wonder…


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